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July 4, 2011

Ode to Route 7

Route 7 in Virginia is where I grew up,
From the marina in Old Town Alexandria,
To Leesburg in Loudoun County,
I have never lived more than
Three miles from Route 7.

As I have grown up,
Route 7 has grown up,
We remain the same inside,
But everything around us has changed.

The beauty of Route 7
Reminds me of heaven,
But many today think
It’s a traffic hell.

I tend to agree about
the traffic mess,
but I look beyond that and
remember the beautiful
fields, trees, and farms that
once graced Route 7 between
Alexandria and Leesburg.

Route 7 continues to grace my life,
And it’s special to me,
Despite the strife
It makes me see
That I can keep going,
Because Route 7 keeps going.

ok, so maybe not quite an “ode”, but it’s my way of honoring a road that I have followed throughout my life….

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