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July 5, 2011

Ethnically ambiguous

The other day I saw a request from a video producer for “ethnically ambiguous” models. I thought to myself, “What does that mean?”. It then occurred to me that my own children could be put in that category, being that I am a Heinz 57 mix, and their father is from Nicaragua. Doesn’t “ethnically ambiguous” mean that you can look at a person, and not be able to tell where they are from originally? Then my kids qualify. And I think that’s the direction that the majority of kids in the United States are going too! We are the mixing pot of the world – because the United States attracts people from all of the countries of the world because of its offer of Independence. Many countries around the world do not offer that to their people, so the United States is an enticing country.  The races of the world keep mixing and mixing and the children are gaining a new perspective about themselves and the world – we’re ONE world! Diversity!

July 4, 2011

Balancing networking

You may think that I am referring to making sure that you’re not attending more networking sessions than you can handle, but I’m actually referring to something else.

I’m referring to my feeble attempts at balancing a purse, a glass, a plate, and business cards while attending a networking session. I have to explain that I’m not very coordinated, which is why I never worked as a waitress when I was young. I always envisioned accidentally dropping plates filled with hot food on the diners. So how do you do it?

Ok, this is what I have tried: I have my purse strap on my shoulder. So this means that the purse has to have a shoulder strap; it can’t have a hand-held strap only. I have my business cards in my pocket. So this means that I have to plan my outfit accordingly; there has to be a pocket in my skirt, pants, blouse, or jacket. I hold the glass in one hand and the plate in another hand. Ok, that works, except I have no free hands when I want to shake someone’s hand when I meet them and hand them a business card. Ok, from here I’ve figured out that I must have a table of some kind close by so that I can either put my plate or glass down while I socialize… Is this the solution? Please help!

July 4, 2011

Ode to Route 7

Route 7 in Virginia is where I grew up,
From the marina in Old Town Alexandria,
To Leesburg in Loudoun County,
I have never lived more than
Three miles from Route 7.

As I have grown up,
Route 7 has grown up,
We remain the same inside,
But everything around us has changed.

The beauty of Route 7
Reminds me of heaven,
But many today think
It’s a traffic hell.

I tend to agree about
the traffic mess,
but I look beyond that and
remember the beautiful
fields, trees, and farms that
once graced Route 7 between
Alexandria and Leesburg.

Route 7 continues to grace my life,
And it’s special to me,
Despite the strife
It makes me see
That I can keep going,
Because Route 7 keeps going.

ok, so maybe not quite an “ode”, but it’s my way of honoring a road that I have followed throughout my life….

July 3, 2011


WordPress starts an automatic first comment with “Hello World”! I agree with that! I don’t know how long I’ve been wanting to start a blog, and I finally have!

There are so many thoughts around starting a blog:
1. What will I write about?
2. How often should I write?
3. Will anyone follow my blog?
4. Will anyone find what I write interesting?

Well, I’m setting those thoughts and doubts aside, and I’m forging forward!

Hello World!

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